2 Cops Killed: “What did you think was going to happen?”

A Nation Divided

2 cops were shot and killed, execution-style, in New York today.  The loss of life saddens me and I hope that NO ONE ELSE has to die. But I have to be honest, my initial and lingering feeling was more so, “What did you think was going to happen?” Let me explain…

August 11, 2014: Unarmed Ezell Ford was killed by police in Los Angeles with multiple witnesses saying that he was compliant with officers and lying on the ground when shot in the back. Officer has not yet been indicted and there is currently a hold on the autopsy.

September, 2014: Decision on the case of Unarmed Dillon Taylor, killed by police in Salt Lake City with video footage showing Taylor non-violently walking away from the police. Police screamed for Taylor to get his hands out of his pants, and shot him when he did so. Officer was not indicted.

September 24, 2014: Decision on the case of John Crawford, killed by police in Dayton with video footage showing Crawford not breaking any laws or being given time to abide by police commands. Officer was not indicted.

November 20, 2014: Unarmed Akai Gurley was killed in a stairwell by police in Brooklyn. He was not a suspect of any crime, nor were police responding to a crime. Gurley was non-violent and was never given a command to obey by officers before being shot. Officer texted his union rep BEFORE calling for an ambulance.  Investigation is still ongoing. Officer has not yet been indicted.

November 24, 2014: Decision on the case of Unarmed Mike Brown, killed by police in Ferguson with multiple witnesses saying he had his hands up when shot six times. Officer was not indicted.

December 3, 2014: Decision on the case of Unarmed Eric Garner, killed in New York with video footage showing a non-violent man being choked from behind by a police officer using an ILLEGAL/BANNED take-down tactic. Officer was not indicted.

Let me digress for a quick second to make a point. Please keep in mind, an indictment is not “finding someone guilty”. It is a formal charge of an offense, allowing for a trial to determine if there was any wrong doing. But, back to the point.

In response to these killings, not mentioning the countless insensitive social media rants by many Americans, this happened:

December 8, 2014: Missouri bar sells “Michael Brown Drink Special” where customers can order six shots of tequila for a discounted price.

December 15, 2014: In response to the “I Can’t Breathe” protest shirts that represent the last/dying words of Eric Garner, police print and sell “Breathe Easy. Don’t Break the Law” shirts.

December 19, 2014: A “Thank You NYPD” rally is held, with many supporters wearing, “I CAN breathe” shirts, shouting, “Don’t resist arrest!”

And finally:

December 20, 2014: A man takes the lives of two police officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, right after posting on social media, “They take 1 of ours… Let’s take 2 of theirs. #ShootThePolice   #RIPEricGarner   #RIPMikeBrown”

So, let me try to summarize this with two long-winded sentences: Multiple killings of American citizens who did not commit a crime that warranted their own death (most of which committed no crime at all) cause protests across the nation calling for justice to a nation of people who feel unjustly marginalized by an overbearing police force’s use of brutality and lack of accountability for their actions.  Then, amidst protests of people expressing their emotional feelings of hopelessness due to multiple decisions not to indict the officers for their killings, police officers and others mock the feelings of those people asking for justice and an end to police brutality, taking the forms of “Michael Brown shot specials”, “Breathe Easy. Don’t break the Law” shirts, and a “Thank You NYPD” rally wearing “I CAN breathe” shirts.

Then, an American citizen retaliates by killing two police officers.

I ask again… What did you think was going to happen?

To put these reactionary emotions in context, let me give an example. To kill someone’s mother is an atrocious action. Let us imagine that a man did such a thing to YOUR mother. Now, imagine your mothers’ killer was able to walk free (even with video evidence of his crime), then walked in front of you with a shirt that said, “I killed her… and I got away with it… AND IT’S HER OWN FAULT SHE’S DEAD!” Can you imagine the anger and aggression you might feel?

The “Michael Brown shots special” made a joke out of an unarmed man who was shot six times, days before leaving for college. The “I CAN breathe” shirts served as a slap in the face to the last words of dead man, who was unarmed and did not act aggressively at any point in time before being killed. The “Thank You NYPD” rally mocks the citizens of this country who point out police brutality, inferring that police and their families condone the actions of the non-indicted officers. Instead of allowing the nation to express its anguish, the opposing side poked and prodded at a suffering nation, until it reached its breaking point. When a little girl loses her mother and lashes out at you emotionally, angrily, violently, quietly, or otherwise, do you tell the child, “Well, your mother was a criminal anyway! She deserved it! She could have prevented her own death!”? How awful of a person would you be to do such a thing?

Years ago, Malcolm X was quoted saying that John F. Kennedy’s assassination was “America’s chickens coming home to roost.”  He later exclaimed that the assassination was a result of the climate of hate that America had allowed to fester for so long. The death of these two officers, however tragic, is the result of decades of police brutality. The actions of the gunman are in direct response to the vile, disgusting, and incentive actions of the police force and their reactions to the calls for justice and cry’s for equality. I do not condone killing, by anyone. I wish the families of the two officers my sincerest condolences. But the blood of these officers is not only on the hands of the gunman, but on the police forces corrupt policies, inadequate self-investigating, and its racist, disrespectful, or power-abusing individuals who have joined their organization and taken the “good cops” down with them.

What did you think was going to happen?

22 thoughts on “2 Cops Killed: “What did you think was going to happen?”

  1. It is to bad that two more had to die, but until cops are held accountable what do you expect. Look how many people cops have killed in just recent history.


  2. To the author of this article, I didn’t see your name posted with the story so I don’t have a name to address this post to. You have written a very succinct article, unfortunately, your writings will be ridiculed by the police apologists. I think you left out one, if not many victims of recent outrageous killings by the “gang in blue”. His name was Oscar Grant, who was handcuffed and on the ground and he was shot in the back and killed by an Oakland Transit cop, which was filmed by a camera phone. There was a documentary made about this outrageous killing, (Fruitvale Station) because it seemed to be one of the stories of an out of control police culture that received very little coverage. The part that is disgusting, other than the killing, is the fact the cops excuse? “Oops, I thought I had my tazer in my hand”, really? and the “gang in blue” wonders why they are being reviled by many in this country and hunted and sniped/assassinated by others.


    1. I did NOT forget about Grant. But in order to bring the scope of the outrage to a specific time period and not allow apologists to give the excuse of me pulling old news back up, I stuck with cases that happened within the past 6 months. I initially starting writing this with Oscar Grant as my first example, but quickly realized that would take me all the way to sean bell, and make me feel compelled to also mention amidou diallo, etc. If I wanted to include all the names, this article would have been far too long to read, sadly.


      1. old news is as important as current events . the fact is that many people are still in complete denial about the very long history of police violence against everyone, especially black people


  3. Welp, when some crazy white dude shoots a few protesters, guess we’ll have to say “What did you think was going to happen?” Right? I mean black people kill FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR more innocent white dudes than cops kill innocent black men, so the same theory applies. Right, asshole posting “this was inevitable/blame the cops” comments before these men have even been buried?

    Seriously, go fuck yourself.


    1. Karl, Before I reply to your point, I must ask… Why did you feel the need to insert race into. this comment? Nowhere this article did I mention anything about Race. And why must you be so aggressive in your apparent disagreement, telling me to go go fuck myself? No civility?


      1. You’re excusing the actions of a man who murdered two innocents in cold blood. Days after it happened. That’s disgusting, and you should be called out on it. I inserted race into the conversation because race has played a major role in this debate. Yes, you mentioned a few white guys killed by cops, but I strongly suspect you identify with the Black Lives Matter idiots. If you don’t, I apologize for making assumptions (but not for my earlier criticism). If you do, then you’re as naive as you are incredibly offensive.

        Think Darren Wilson got off? BS. He’ll be looking over his shoulder every day for the rest of his life. No PD department will ever hire him again, despite a decision by a jury of his peers, supported by all of the physical evidence and a great deal of witness testimony, that there wasn’t even enough to bring charges against him. Is that worse than death? No, of course not. But it is a heavy price, and one that’s ingrained in the mind of every officer. Cops are not declaring open season on black people. They’re not that stupid.

        I’m sure I’ll be called a racist for my comments. I don’t care anymore. I judge everyone as an individual, and that’s more than I can say for you. You say the blood of these officers is on the hands of good cops. But if I say the blood of white victims of black violence is on the hands of people like you and Al Sharpton, who constantly find a way to excuse the actions of murderers by rationalizing (or in your case, justifying) their behavior, I’m the prick.

        Again, go fuck yourself.


      2. I reserve civility for people who show respect to others. My best friend is as liberal as they come, and we get along fine. In fact, I’m usually the one complaining about a lack of civility in today’s discourse as a, if not the, principle problem threatening our Republic. But I have no civility for people who publish deliberately incendiary articles, and then act shocked when they garner the reactions they were looking for in the first place. And I have nothing but contempt for people who blame the men and women in uniform for the actions of a sick, depraved, and angry individual. And to do it this soon makes it all the more reprehensible.

        If any blame for these two senseless deaths is left over, it lies at the feet of people like you. People who talk about an illusory wave of police brutality, yet say nothing of gang violence. Social justice warriors, ignorant of the real world, who conform the facts of a situation to their beliefs, instead of the other way around. People who argue that killing two people, because they are members of a group that you perceive to have wronged you, is perfectly rational.


    2. no you go fuck yourself. Whites have killed milliions of blacks over the history of this country as well as other races. Whites have killed more non whites over the course of life vs any other race you dumb ass


      1. Bill my people were slaves in this country way before yours and actually treated far worse but you probably don’t know that about the Irish because that doesn’t fit the agenda. However, my ancestors didn’t move here until the 1920’s yet because I’m white I get blamed for slavery, sounds fair right? You weren’t a slave, GET OVER IT. I wasn’t a slave either but the irish WERE slaves before the blacks.


    3. Think Darren Wilson got off? BS. He’ll be looking over his shoulder every day for the rest of his life. No PD department will ever hire him again, despite a decision by a jury of his peers, supported by all of the physical evidence and a great deal of witness testimony, that there wasn’t even enough to bring charges against him. Is that worse than death? No, of course not. But it is a heavy price, and one that’s ingrained in the mind of every officer. Cops are not declaring open season on black people. They’re not that stupid.

      Yes, but Darren Wilson has a wife, and may one day have children, watch them grow up, become a grandfather, travel the world, see a sunrise…something Mike Brown will never do.


  4. To Karl “Hungus” – You’re clearly another unidentified Caucasian bringing a racists point of view into a conversation that didn’t warrant that. You’re the REAL scumbag, coward, and the reason the war will rage on. Just like the rest of your people you hide behind social media and call the people who believe that black lives matter….idiots. I’ll bet you have black friends, and tell a much different tale publicly, while trolling the internet looking for an opportunity to speak whats really in your heart, which is hate. I am black and I don’t hate you, I adhore what you stand for, and thats love for only a certain group of people. We want equality for ALL!!!!! Where is all this black on white crime that you’re speaking of???? You’re just shooting darts in the wind hoping to hit something. Darrin Wilson can take the millions he made off of this case and hire some bodyguards, even if he doesn’t and chooses to have to watch his own back forever, he’s ALIVE to do make that decision. It’s beyond me how you people think it’s okay that these men were killed in cold blood. I rest well at night knowing that their actions and the people that feel its okay will answer for that….if not in this life…def the next one. God is watching.


    1. What millions did Wilson make off of this case? It’s not like they rewarded him for shooting a thug who resisted arrest and tried to steal his gun. Oh but wait, he didn’t try to steal his gun however forensic evidence showed he had gun powder on his hand. You know you can’t get that residue on your hand if you’re not near the gun when it fires right?


      1. we are all quite aware that wilson fired his gun at point blank range in his first attempt to kill mike brown . that would leave mike brown’s dna all over wilson and his car, and gsr on both of ’em

        wilson was on paid leave for quite awhile, and then was paid off to leave


  5. Bob since you are no longer addressing this article. My great grandfather was one of the Irish slaves you speak of. Brought to the island of Jamaica. Had children there. They went to England and they brought me here. I have children with a black American. If we leave the slave history aside since who was first doesn’t apply to me. How are Black males treated NOW in this country vs. Irish males? If you think there’s not a difference try going undercover for a month and come back to this posting. Aye


  6. The so called leaders of the black community need to #STANDtfUP. .. everyone who has a idol or hero send them 1 message #STANDtfUP &#SPEAKtfUP n watch what you look up too.. THE AFRICAN RACE’S BIGGEST FAULT IS ITS INABILITY TO COME TOGETHER AS 1… NOW THE TIME … # ANYONE YOU LOOK UP TOO TO #SPEAKTFUP …. ..


  7. What warped sense of reality. You claim that these killings happened because of Police acting like hired assassins. Well, I can tell you that most of the country thinks that the reason why the police are so trigger happy and confrontational is because of decades of senseless violent crime commited by blacks and others on the street. These days you can’t tell by looking at someone if they are a violent criminal. So you have to treat everyone as such.


    1. oh, bullshit . police are trigger happy because they get away with it and because they’re cowards

      you are not in any position to speak for ‘most of the country’

      whatever ‘most of the country’ thinks is largely due to the publication of lie after lie, and the lack of education and experience of ‘most of the country’

      hope some thug cop treats you as ‘a violent criminal’ … since they are being trained by the idf to see you and every one of us as THE ENEMY


  8. #BLACKLIVESMATTER Bottom line – it has to end The justice system is FAILING the black community! There is no justice for us, is the message that they’re sending out its happening more and more #ICantBreath I don’t condone killing of any kind but the message has to be heard BY ANY MEANS.. If you can dish it out just be ready for what’s about to be SERVED to you. #THINKTWICEBEFOREYOUTAKEALIFE


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